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Bookkeeping is a key component to running any type of business. Having the correct systems and procedures in place to record your financials accurately, will allow your business to run effectively and empower management to make informed decisions based on key performance indicators.

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At PERK, we see ourselves as an integral part of your finance team, and understand the importance of visiting your business premises for meetings, to provide on-site bookkeeping services, implement suitable controls and processes, organise historic financial records and support you at every opportunity.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of cloud-based technologies and relationships with key suppliers. The beauty of cloud-based technology is that you can access your financial records remotely and make decisions on live financial data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to reach clients on a national scale, whilst maintaining our trademark levels of customer service and business support. We are happy to provide training on any cloud-based accountancy software.

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